Planning a retreat is not just about choosing a destination, making a list of potential participants, and having your content ready to teach.  Yes, these are important aspects of planning a retreat but there is much more.

You, as a retreat leader, decide what the theme of the retreat is and make sure that the content of the retreat always includes that theme.  The activities of the retreat are also chosen with the theme of the retreat in mind. Choosing activities that match your content enhances the transformational experience of your retreat.

Let’s say that one of the pain points you would like to help your participants overcome is fear.  One activity that can support your content on facing fear is zip lining over the jungle canopy? This activity can be worked into a day built around facing your fears.  And during your activity, you and your participants will have the support of the guides to help you prepare to let go and soar.  After zip-lining, you can reinforce the achievement and relief your participants will have experienced by designing additional content that helps recount the experience and brings your participants full circle in the process!

If connecting with your inner self is the main theme of your retreat there are numerous activities to practice either on the grounds of Lapazul or just a few minutes down the mountain. Early morning meditation is a great way to start a retreat day designed around connecting to one’s inner self.  And Lapazul’s Yoga platform is designed to immerse you in the sounds of nature greeting the day.  On another, your group can set off to spend the early morning at the beach where you will find your group alone among the surf and the coconut trees with a long stretch of beach for a healing walking meditation filled with peace and tranquility to listen and connect inwardly.

For retreats designed around tapping into your potential a hike to a waterfall will engage all your senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  As your participants watch the gallons of water falling from the top of a mountain down to the pool of water, hear the roar of the water, feel the drops of water on their skin, and admire the wonder of nature they will awaken to the infinite possibilities in their life.  After this breathtaking adventure, your group can gather around Lapazul’s pool and share the experience as well as journal about all that is possible for them.

With any retreat group collaboration and interaction is key to the learning process.  One unique way to reinforce this is by participating in an activity that relies on everyone in the group playing a role for a successful result.  At Lapazul, one unique way we help you accomplish this is through an immersive cooking experience with the guidance of our chef and his assistant.  A delicious meal is the successful outcome of each participant doing their assigned part and handing it over to the chef.  Proving that collaboration is a key secret to success!

These are a few of the activities from which you can choose.  The Lapazul Retreat Concierge will work closely with you to match your content to the many that Costa Rica offers.  Being central to so many of these activity options makes Lapazul the perfect place to host all kinds of retreats.

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