A Place for Leaders

Deliver your unique knowledge while immersing yourself.

A Place for Leaders

Deliver your unique knowledge while immersing yourself.

Experiential retreats are about delivering your unique knowledge while immersing you and your clients in the culture and having the time to absorb it all. And if you are a seminar leader, coach, workshop leader, or spiritual leader, offering retreats is fast becoming an essential addition to your suite of products.

Just like writing a book became an extension of your business card, holding a retreat in a foreign land is becoming an extension of your group offerings. Not only do your clients have an opportunity to spend quality time with you, but retreats, when done right, add to your bottom line.

Experiential retreats are the most effective way to do this. Taking your clients on an experiential retreat does not mean teaching them a course in a pretty location. It is about enjoying new experiences and creating life-lasting memories while sharing your knowledge.

Incorporating retreats into your offerings will make you look like a star in your clients’ eyes. But leading a badly organized retreat, to an unknown location that doesn’t measure up to the brochure, could quickly ruin your reputation. That is why Lapazul serves as your partner to make things truly uncomplicated by handling the unknown for you.

Why Retreats?

How many times have you traveled to a seminar or retreat and saw only the airports and hotel where you stayed? It happens all the time. But during an experiential retreat, you get the opportunity to have downtime and time to incorporate the material you have to share while also partaking in the customs and activities native to the land you are visiting.

The World we live in today:

  • Fast Moving

  • Stressful

  • Overwhelming

The World we strive for:

  • Harmonious

  • Time for the important things: Family, Self-Care, Spiritual Practice

  • Stress-Free

Rest Easy, Activities Await You

Lapazul is a dream come true for the facilitators. Not only do you have a beautiful place to bring your special clients, to share your knowledge but you have a number of activities to choose from to make your retreat even more memorable.

Days can begin with a meditative walk on the beach at dawn as you access the long stretches of untouched beaches 15 minutes from the retreat center. This can be a unique way to bring your group together or venture out alone as you walk for miles and immerse yourself in the environment with only the sand at your feet and the sound of the surf guiding your breath.

How do retreats fit into my business?

This is the first step in determining if a retreat fits into your business. If you answered yes then retreats are the next logical step for your business.

If you are willing to participate in activities with your clients and enjoy spending downtime with them then experiential retreats are right for your business.

If traveling and immersing yourself in new lands is something you enjoy then experiential retreats are a great opportunity for your business.

If you enjoy delivering your unique knowledge in a group setting while helping clients make a breakthrough, then experiential retreats are the next profitable step for your business.

If you answer yes to this, then an experiential retreat is perfect for you. You are just as much a part of the group as your clients. This gives you the unique ability to immerse yourself along with them and tailor your content to the moment.

Growing Your Business in Amazing Ways

Lapazul is owned by an experienced event coordinator who is also a coach and leader. Elizabeth-Patricia is bilingual in English and Spanish and is sensitive to different customs and cultures. She has the utmost respect for her native land and only wishes to share the beauty of Costa Rica with others while providing you with the ultimate canvas for your vision.

Elizabeth-Patricia and her team will work with you over the 8 to 12 months preceding your retreat to help you execute an amazing experiential retreat that will only elevate your standing amongst your clients and peers. Lapazul has designed its offerings to give you and your clients access to an exotic land while enabling you to make retreats profitable.

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We want you to bring this page to life the same way we will help you color your retreat, so that it represents you and your vision.

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